Year 1 Blog

9th March 2020

Year 1 had a brilliant World Book Day. In celebration of our special visitor, Jack Dougherty, (author of Jack Slater: Monster Investigator) the children used their brilliant shape knowledge to make shape monsters. They came up with their own designs and each monster is just as individual as the children are.

6th March 2020 – Healthy Eating

In Year 1, as part of our Relationships topics, the children have been thinking about how to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

We have talked about the importance of having a balanced diet to include carbohydrates to give us energy, protein for muscles, dairy and eggs for our teeth and bones, and fruit and vegetables for our overall health. We also recognised the importance of drinking water.  Sweets and biscuits are allowed occasionally as a treat.

This week we have looked at what we have for breakfast – stressing the importance of having breakfast to keep us going throughout the day. We created a bar chart using everyone’s breakfast choices.

On Friday we made  smoothies using bananas,  strawberries, milk, yogurt and honey.  We will also considered other fruit options that might be used.

So see if your child makes any particular requests for breakfast,  and  let us know in their communication books if they mention healthy eating at all – sorry if they start requesting anything too complex!  Enjoy!


Reception and Year 1 are now well into their new topic of Percy the Park Keeper. They have been finding out about the different seasons and how weather patterns change throughout the year. Percy’s shed and tools are being well used and our learning will concentrate on different types of animals and how to help plants grow.


23rd January 2020

‘As part of our work  in Geography and Science on seasons and weather patterns, Y1 went out to look for signs of winter on Monday. We’ve been waiting patiently for  the wind and rain to cease, and for some winter weather to explore, so Monday’s frost was perfect! We wrote our names in the frost, played with ice that we found and looked carefully at the patterns that the frost made. We then went back indoors to think about adjectives to describe the frost in English ready to write a winter poem.’

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a football coaching session run by Fran and Tom. They practised their dribbling skills and played some fun games. It was a bit muddy (sorry parents!) but lots of fun.

In RE, the children in YR/1 went on a treasure hunt around the school to find ‘treasure’ (clues) for a Bible story. They followed clues such as: to find some treasure and to win, The treasure was: a cup and saucer, leaves, money, a charity box, a tape measure and a picture of Jesus. Any idea of the story? Perhaps you should ask your children to tell you.

As the children collected the treasure they brought them back to the classroom and used them in our story.

This is where our guests sign in.

Year 1 and Reception looked very professional in their chefs’ hats last Friday. They made mini pizzas using scissors or knives to carefully chop their ingredients to top their English muffin and tomato passata bases. They looked delicious! The children said they tasted delicious too!’


As part of our ‘Madhatters’ topic, Reception and Year One are now thinking about chefs and the hats they wear. We made chefs hats ready to wear for our cooking activity next week. It was good scissor skills practice cutting along the lines to make the hat.


26th September 2019

‘It seems hard to believe after the weather we’ve had the last few days but last Friday, on a glorious afternoon, the children went to explore in the garden. They were challenged to find different things as part of a treasure hunt, using their observation skills to select items such as a bird’s feather, the largest leaf possible and something purple. This links to our science work on the changing seasons and naming plants and animals.’


Year 1 have been thinking about all the different sorts of hats you can find, inspired by our book ‘Don’t Worry Douglas.’ We’ve been trying hats out for size and designing new hats for poor Douglas


Year 1 are enjoying having their own space to concentrate on their English and Maths and are working their socks off! They’ve also created self portraits using the laptops and painted birthday balloons.