Worship & Values

As a voluntary controlled Church of England school, we have close links with the church (St. Peter & St. Paul). The children often lead festivals in the church and we invite families to join us. These are special times and I hope you get to see them!

We have collective worships in school each day, including a weekly assembly when community members come and act out Bible stories for us. In addition to celebrating Christian Festivals, we also focus on the values shown below. We hear and act stories, and children are given lots of opportunity to contribute and join in. We sing Hymns and children are invited to join in prayer and reflection time.

Our School Values

All Year: Love

Term 1: Respect

Term 2: Hope

Term 3: Perseverance

Term 4: Forgiveness

Term 5: Trust

Term 6: Joy

Raising money for charity

Over the school year, we raise money for charity and children are amazingly generous with their time and effort when supporting these ventures. I am delighted that they seem to realise how fortunate they are and they are very keen to bake and sell cakes, to design and enter competitions and of course to create some rather creative costumes on non-uniform days!