Procedure for Emergency Closure

Although we will always try to keep the school open, there may be times when it is not safe to do so. If the school is going to be closed, the decision will be made by 7.30a.m and messages given to Heart Radio in Gloucestershire (FM 102.4), BBC Radio Gloucestershire (FM 104.7) and posted on our school website.

There is a Gloucestershire website called which will list all Gloucestershire closed schools. Phone messages will also be given to the volunteer parent from each class. Numbers of these volunteers has been distributed by letter and these parents have kindly agreed to be available for you to phone any time after 7.30a.m.

Please also note that, even if the school is open, it is still your decision whether to travel or not. We will always understand and respect your decision to keep your child at home if you consider your journey to be dangerous. Thank you.