Sports Grant

Children at our school engage in sport for an average of two hours per week. This includes class swimming sessions, gymnastics, dance, games and athletics. The sessions are planned to be season and age dependent and take advantage of our good facilities, including pool, hall, playgrounds and large community field. PE lessons include the teaching of skills as well as competitive games that allow children to practise and apply their skills.

All children are encouraged to be active at playtime and lunchtimes during the day, including the daily mile on the playground each day. Boxes of equipment that encourage active play are available every playtime. These include skipping ropes, stilts, bats and balls. Classes also use the trim trail and play football on a rota basis. Older children take on the role of play leaders to teach and support active playtimes for the younger children including the teaching of new game ideas.

Please see our reports below.

Sports Funding Report 2019-20
Sports Funding Report 2018-19
Sports Funding Report 2017-18