Children’s Voice

The School Council

Children in Key Stage Two elect 2 representatives from their year group to sit on the School Council. The elections are taken very seriously and the work of the school council follows business like meetings. Despite a teacher attending these meetings, the children lead them and take on the roles of secretary, chairperson etc. They meet every fortnight and discuss ideas that each class have had for improving their school even further. Examples of their work includes fundraising schemes to buy more games for wet play or leading assemblies for the school on new rules that they introduce.

The Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee is made up of children representing Years 1 to 6. They meet regularly to feedback thoughts gathered from the school on collective worship.

Year 1: Sienna

Year 2: Lily

Year 3: Rudy

Year 4:

Year 5: Daisy

Year 6: India

House and Vice Captains

House and Vice Captains are selected by the staff to represent the 4 house teams, Fortey House (Green), Midwinter House (Yellow), Taylour House (Blue) and  Busshe (Red).  The House and Vice Captains have responsibility for assisting in the organisation and running of the school houses competitions.

Children selected are from Years 5 and 6.

House and Vice Captains

Busshe – Lola and Olivia

Taylour – Eve and Josh

Fortey – India and Edward

Midwinter – Thomas and Lily