We take children on two residential visits during their time at our school, first at Year 4, and then in their last year of primary school in Year 6.

The Year 4 residential is for two nights and for many children it is their first time away from home. The programme bears this in mind and offers outdoor activities that are fun and challenging but within an environment that is secure and familiar e.g. woodland orienteering. Children find that they can do so much for themselves- including making their own bed and having a tidy bedroom!

The Year 6 residential is for 4 nights and is usually at a PGL Activity centre. Children build on their earlier Year 4 experiences, but now apply teamwork, independence and perseverance to some activities where they face up to particular challenges e.g. abseiling or crawling through an underground maze in the dark! Children achieve success and their confidence soars. They offer significant support to each other and form bonds that stay with them for a very long time.

The residential visits have a huge impact on children and we try to ensure that every child is able to attend and take full advantage of the challenges.

Year 4 Kit List
Year 6 Kit List