As you will see from our report, we have been judged to be a good school with outstanding features. We are especially delighted with this because Ofsted have raised their criteria and their expectations since 2012.

We are also delighted that the school was praised for making so many improvements, including achieving and exceeding the three action points since the last inspection, and has only been given one action point this time. Teaching in our school is consistently good with some outstanding, and our only action point is to make even more of the teaching outstanding. The inspection has confirmed that, with so much good work already in place, we are right to strive towards this high ambition.

Our children have again achieved significantly higher than expected levels at both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. However, it isn’t just the results that are taken into account by inspectors. Rate of progress is compared with all children across the country and our children’s progress exceeds expectations as well.

Behaviour is outstanding. This is not only social behaviour but about how the culture of the school affects children’s learning. Our children develop excellent attitudes to learning and this is something that their later secondary school teachers comment on. I’m so proud of our children for being ready to stand out for all the right reasons and for giving their best.

My thanks to children, parents, carers, governors, and to all staff for giving so much to the school. If you have any questions about any of the report, please come and ask. I would be happy to explain in more detail.